Sunday, February 24, 2013

Character Profile – Thame, Heaven’s Fate

Taken from the glossary of the sequel to Heaven’s Fate, the highly anticipated second book in the Heaven Trilogy: Winter’s Legacy; the definition of Thame Elliot aka Snow:

His mother died giving birth. His father, Alex Elliot was murdered when he was twelve. He was raised by his father’s childhood classmate, Autumn Augustus. After learning who murdered his father, Thame carried out a savage revenge. In his wake, an evil twin emerged that now threatens to cover the world in darkness. Thame will do whatever it takes to track down Miles Xavier and bring him to justice.

The second novel is due to be released in the fall of 2013. When I first came up with the idea for Heaven’s Fate I was a sophomore in college. Back then I was convinced this title would turn into a comic book or maybe a cartoon; since at the time I drew heavy influences from the anime Dragon Ball Z. As the idea for the story continued to develop and the characters were fleshed out, it took almost a decade for all of the pieces to fall together properly in order to form the 90k word debut fantasy epic that is currently available. Not to mention the countless amount of time spent learning how to construct a proper novel, the hours upon hours spent reading and re-reading the finished product, only to send it off to my editor and go through the process all over.

Ideas go through several stages before the finished product reaches the customer. I don’t think readers realize how much actually goes on behind the scenes to put a work of fiction entertainment together; hell, I did not even know all of the work and strenuous hours that would be required of me before undertaking this process. I never really understood the mantra of being a ‘starving artist’ until I actually became a starving artist (and let me tell you, after nights on end of eating ramen noodles I have the high blood pressure to show that I have earned that title) because when you are younger, (and growing up I was always an artist, drawing this or that and doodling in class) you think that you are a starving artist and you think that it is so cool to be out in the world and pursuing your dreams. Those cold and lonely nights when you only have your ideas to keep you warm and fuel you to keep going, the term sinks in and has more weight to it. It means a lot more when you are actually going through it. But I guess that is with anything right, in order to understand something fully you have to go out and actually experience it, participate in the things that were wispy yet grand ideas in the days of your childhood.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the book.

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