Friday, July 19, 2013

Year Older

Just recently having celebrated a birthday, I get to say that I am one year older. Although I am uncertain whether the second half of that common phrase applies, in other words, I am unsure if I am also one year wiser. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to think that I am wiser. I think that I have learned a little more about the publishing process than I did last year as I approach the release date of my second novel.

I remember I was watching a show a long time ago, it was about Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond novels. On this show, Fleming revealed that he worked on multiple projects at the same time. While writing one Bond book he would also be editing the last one he wrote, and then planning out the next one. At the time I thought I could do as he had done so easily but now I see that I can add the phrase “it is easier said than done” to my repertoire.

I have also learned that you should not use clichés when writing. I know this may seem obvious but after getting into the flow of writing, you don’t want to stop the progess to think of a brand new catch phrase that will enthrall the masses. What I do is write the clichés during the moment of creation then during the editing process, replace them with something better. I’ve learned that getting in a daily quota becomes tougher as you take on more projects. It also becomes easier to take on new projects than to find the drive to finish ones already started. A discipline is developed over time, where habits are formed that become beneficial. Now that I have been writing “professionally”, I find that if I go a couple of days without writing then start to miss the process and my characters. Along this journey of writing a three part book series you learn that it gets easier to repeat yourself than you think it is. You learn your characters inside and out, if you didn’t know them all that well at the beginning; throughout the process each character unfolds like a blooming flower.

I’m not sure if learning new things makes you wiser but hopefully as the years go by, I can figure it out as I go along, sort of the same way I write my novels. 

By Andre Alan