Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer written by Michael Connelly

An intense, riveting, page turner that leaves you on the edge of your suit and actually kind of makes you want to be a juror, just to have the chance to see the main character, Haller do his thing, old school style, just like his dad who was a lawyer that passed away when Haller was five. Even though Haller did not know his father, he ultimately ended up following in his old man’s footsteps by becoming a defense attorney.

Here is a joke for you: What is the difference between a catfish and a lawyer? One is a bottom feeding shit sucker while the other is a fish.

Michael Connelly tells the story of law as though he had been a practicing lawyer all his life and with an authenticity and creativity that actually kind of makes you want to go back to school and try your hand at law. The one thing that would stop me from becoming a lawyer however is the same that thing Haller was afraid of for his entire career, having an innocent man come to him for defense and he not be able to see it. Which is what ends up happening and now Haller must find a way to get the innocent man out of prison and find a way to put the newest client, an evil son-of-a-bitch behind bars for the rest of his life. 

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