Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Power Array Saga - Season Two - Part XIV

Part XIV – Like Father, Like Son?

Setting out across a dark moonless sky, Momotaru and Arif Zahur sat in a stretch hover international voyage shuttle. Being half sun elf, Momotaru’s mother was able to convince everyone that he deserved the opportunity to watch the sun set over Aver one last time. So from the back seat of the human royal diplomat’s hover shuttle, Momotaru watched the setting sun through the window. Once the sun had sunk below the cities horizon, the shuttle took off on its voyage across the North Mizuki Ocean. He headed towards the human controlled lands of the Eioda Nation States and Momotaru’s father.
                “You know, I would just like to say that it is an honor to finally meet you Momotaru Hakizimana,” said the human royal diplomat. He leaned forward in the plush leather seats of the hover shuttles rear cabin.
                Momotaru looked at the royal diplomat and then turned to glare at his traveling companion, Zahur. He shook his head and leaned back in the leather chair with a huff. He closed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest.
                “I can assure you that your father, Mr. Hakizimana is looking forward to seeing you after all this time,” said the royal diplomat.
                “What do you mean, after all this time?” asked Zahur. “Why has he not come to visit his son?”
                “After… his private affairs had been made public to the Elven ruling elite,” said the diplomat. “Mr. Hakizimana was banished from the United Elven Kingdom and thus prohibited from seeing his offspring.”
                “Hmph, so I guess those stuffy elves were pretty mad,” said Zahur with a laugh. She cut off her laugh abruptly in an uncomfortable cough as she witnessed Momotaru cut his dark eyes in her direction through tiny slants in his lids. Zahur swallowed the lump in her throat.
                The royal diplomat cleared his throat and spoke into the uncomfortable silence that had spread through the stretch hover shuttle. “So, I take it that you are one of Momotaru’s friends?”
                Zahur’s eyes opened wide in shock. She looked from the royal diplomat to Momotaru and remained silent.
                “She’s the reason why I’m in this mess,” said Momotaru who sat up and leaned forward. “She’s the reason I’m getting sent away.”
                “I’m sorry Momo,” said Zahur. She tried to reach out to her friend.
                Momotaru looked at the hand threateningly until it stopped moving towards him. “I don’t even know who you are anymore,” said Momotaru.
                “I’m the same person that I’ve always been,” Zahur responded.
                “Oh yeah, is that person a boy or a girl?” Momotaru fired back.
                No one else bothered to speak up during the long trip across the ocean until they touched down an hour later on the human shores of Eidoa in the capital city of Consonance. After the shuttle touched down, the trio of passengers exited the stretch hover shuttle. Waiting on the tarmac, were a group of dignitaries standing around wearing thick, silk robes.
                A mocha skin complexioned man with a bald head, a slight gut and a thick, bright orange-red beard stepped forward from the group of dignitaries. He wore a broad smile on his face. He approached the weary travelers. “My son, Momotaru,” said the senior Hakizimana. He extended his arms outwards to embrace his son in a hug.
                Before letting his father get within reach, Momotaru rolled his eyes and walked away.
                “Where do you think that you’re going, son?” asked Hakizimana. When no answer was forthcoming, he gave a nod to one of the dignitaries standing on the tarmac. The dignitary reached inside of his deep sleeve and pressed a button on his wristwatch.
Hovercrafts quickly closed in. The sleek, stealth vehicles were hidden behind buildings. Troops hopped out of the low flying hover shuttles with guns drawn. The troops wore green camouflage body suits with motorcycle-like helmets with dark visors pulled down to obscure their facial features.
Momotaru was forced to stop as the soldiers formed a semi-circle in front of him. He turned to eye his father menacingly.
The elder Hakizimana wore a smug smile. He walked over to his son with arms extended and firmly gripped Momotaru’s broad shoulders. “I’m sorry my son but you are too valuable of an asset to just wander around Eioda up to your own devices. You have valuable information about the elves. I need your help son.”
“Oh really,” said Momotaru. “And this is how you ask for my help… with guns pointed at me.”
“Well, in my defense, I have kept tabs on you over the years,” said Hakizimana. “And from what I’ve gathered, you have a slight anger problem… plus I remember how I was at your age an--”
“Don’t you dare try to stand there and compare yourself to me,” shouted Momotaru as he interrupted his father. “You have no idea what I’ve had to go through.”
Clearing his throat, Hakizimana smoothed his silk robes as he spoke up. “Your outburst has only decided to prove my point. I need you to come with me whether you like it or not, we have a great many plans for you my son and it is time for you to take your place as leader of the world… with my station in life, I have been waiting for the day that you could become emperor of my homeland… our homeland, the Eioda Nation States; because only then can you claim your place as heir to the throne of the United Elven Kingdom as well.”
Before Momotaru could take more than a few steps towards his father, he was jabbed in the back with a stun gun. His body went rigid as massive amounts of volts of electricity coursed through his body and took him into unconsciousness.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Power Array Saga - Season Two - Part XIII

Part XIII – Momma’s Boy

“I told you that we should have aborted this one as a fetus,” said the sun elf king, Telemachus Avery the third; the king of the sun elves was tall and thin with fierce purple eyes.  
                “Father please!” shouted Princess Clairal. “He’s still my son no matter what you may think of his father.” She stepped forward, walking leisurely towards her only child and next in line to inherit the sun elf throne.
                Momotaru averted his eyes, head hanging down as Princess Clairal stood in front of him. His mother reached out a gentle hand, cupping his chin within her delicate caramel fingers. She raised his head, chin facing skyward. She looked up into his eyes with a smile on her face.
                “Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are my son,” said Princess Clairal. “Your grandfather has been on Threa for a very long time and has become stuck in his old way of thinking but the world is changing and with royal blood coursing through your veins, you’ll be the herald of what’s to come. This may be the last time that I ever lay my eyes on you again while you still breathe. Although you will live much longer than normal humans, you will still not live as long as me.”
                “W-what are you saying?” asked Momotaru with a furrowed brow. His dark eyes connected with the dark green orbs of his mother.
                “Enough of this nonsense,” interrupted King Avery. “What my daughter is saying is that this half bred bastard will no longer be allowed to step foot in my city or anywhere near the United Elven Kingdom.”
                “H-how is that possible?” asked Momotaru. “I am an elf!”
                “Not any longer half breed,” said the sun elf king. “The ruling council has decided to expel you from our beautiful lands for the rest of your natural existence. For the remaining hundred or so years of your worthless life, you will spend that time away from true elves.”
                “M-mother,” said Momotaru with eyes wide and a glistening of water welling upwards. “This can’t be.”
                “I’m sorry my son,” said Princess Clairal. She reached out to gingerly rub her sons strong, broad shoulders.
                “I d-don’t understand,” said Momotaru. “How could you do something like this grandfather?”
                “Don’t you dare call me that,” said King Avery. “I have no grandchildren.” The sun elf king folded his arms across his chest and turned his back. He strode up the steps of the palatial mansion. “Come, my queen… daughter, your goodbyes are finished.”
                In a sudden defiant gesture, the sun elf queen, Visala Avery strode down the steps to stand in front of her grandson. “There was nothing to be done about it my boy,” said Queen Avery. “Me and your mother did everything in our power to lessen the severity of your punishment. My husband’s advisors would see you beheaded but thanks to your mother, you and your companions are only exiled.” The queen reached a hand out to gently brush Momotaru’s cheek. “Take care of yourself, my boy and may the sun god watch over you on your journey through life and remember that we sun elves receive our power from the sun so anytime it shines down on you, know that your ancestors are watching over you and protecting you.” With regret filled eyes she turned and marched up the steps to stand beside her husband.
                “Clairal!” shouted the sun elf king. “Come along.”
                The sun elf princess turned her head sharply to glare at her father. She turned back to regard her son and the anger in her eyes melted away as tears formed in the corner of her eyes. She embraced her son in a tight hug.
                What they did not see was the discreet nod that the sun elf king gave the police officers standing not too far off. Major Rufap and Sergeant Hoplow forcefully and callously separated the mother and son pair as if he were being ripped from her womb for a second time.
                “This isn’t the outcome that I would have liked but it will do,” said Sergeant Hoplow wearing a menacing grin.
                Once Momotaru was restrained with magical handcuffs securing his hands behind his back, the two officers proceeded to secure Arif Zahur and Iris Longwing.
                As Sergeant Hoplow secured the hands of Zahur with her purple, disheveled hair hanging over her face and her head hanging low in defeat, Major Rufap approached the Butterfly Samurai with a wry grin.
                “Come on, Iris, you too,” said Major Rufap.
                “This was never a part of the deal that we made,” said Iris.
                “Well, just to be clear,” said Major Rufap. “You were never included in the deal that banished the princesses’ son. You’re wanted for the murder of the private investigator where we caught you red handed ransacking his home; there was no way that you were going to get out of this charge even if you did help us to track down Momotaru.”
                “What!” shouted Iris in shock.
                The two officers laughed aloud. When Major Rufap approached casually, she was caught off guard when the Butterfly Samurai dropped a smoke bomb that obscured her location in a dense cloud of smoke. Major Rufap ran forward, hands swinging through the cloud of thick smoke with her las-gun out. When the smoke cleared, Iris Longwing had vanished.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Power Array Saga - Season Two - Part XII

Part XII – Face to Face

Momotaru swayed side to side slightly as he sat in the hovercraft with arms folded across his chest. He stared out across the vast expanse of desert. Ahead, he could see the barren, sandy terrain give way to the outskirts of the city. Soon he would be inside the place he never wanted to step foot in again, so long as he lived, the sun elf royal palace.
                “So, um, Iris-” Zahur tried to say before being interrupted.
                “It’s the Butterfly Samurai to you, confused little girl,” said Iris with a small, devious smile.
                Momotaru grumbled slightly.
                “Okay, Butterfly,” came the snarky reply from Zahur. “How exactly did you find us?”
                “What makes you think that I’ll just give up my secrets so easily?” Iris replied.
                “Well, I just thought… that,” said Zahur before trailing off sheepishly and looking out across the roofless convertible hovercraft. The wind whipped at her short purple hair like a tattered flag being assaulted at the top of the mast. “Well where are we going? Can you tell us that at least since you’ve kidnapped us?”
                “You two came of your own accord,” Iris fired back. “I kidnapped no one and you’re free to go if you like but know that powerful forces have amassed against you and without us, you’re doomed.”
                “I’ve been doing pretty good on my own,” said Zahur. “Who says I need you two?”
                “The only thing that you’ve managed to do so far is get the entire sun elf police force chasing you,” said Iris.
                Zahur turned away, pouting. She watched the desert melt away to be replaced by the urban forest that now surrounded them. As they neared the under-city central area, they approached a long line of hovercrafts waiting for their chance to ride the elevator into the floating capital of Aver.
                Iris swerved away from the growing traffic and entered the much shorter VIP lane for those individuals who had obtained the secret force field passcode which allowed direct entrance to the city. Within minutes they were being levitated between the several hundred thousand meters of metal and magic that separated the under-city from the floating capital.
                When they reached the street level of Aver, they were immediately surrounded by the sun elf police force. Hover cars blocked the street and sirens blared. Officers on foot approached the car with las-guns drawn.
                Sergeant Hoplow and Major Rufap stood watching several meters away and leaned against their hovercraft. Hoplow quickly clasped his hands together and rifled through a series of hand symbols in order to channel his mana. He cast a spell that would amplify the volume of his voice. “Get out of the car with your hands up,” demanded Sergeant Hoplow.
                The three humans in the car hesitantly complied, slowly raising their hands. Police officers quickly swarmed over the three traveling companions and placed them in green, glowing magical handcuffs. As they were ushered towards the large, hovering van, Iris Longwing fought as if she were headed to the gallows.
                “Hey!” shouted Iris as she was pushed passed Major Rufap. “We had a deal damnit! Let me go!”
                “I’m sure we can find something to charge her with,” said Sergeant Hoplow. “Take her away.”
                The three humans were thrown into the hovering van. The heavy, metal doors were slammed shut.
                “So,” said a sarcastic Momotaru. “How well is that deal working out for you now?” He eyed Iris warily with a furrowed brow.
                Iris could only cut her eyes at him.
                “What do you think they’re going to do to us?” asked Zahur, voice breaking with each word.
                Momotaru did not bother to look in her direction. He shrugged his shoulders and turned his head away.
                “I wouldn’t worry too much,” said Iris. “His mommy won’t let anything happen to precious prodigal son.” She wore a wry smile and a playful light glinted in her colorful Acro eyes.
                Momotaru did not react, sitting motionless and silent in the van until the vehicle zoomed upwards several minutes later. In a matter of minutes, the large gates of the sun elf royal mansion were visible through the windows. Unfortunately for the three criminals sitting in the back of the police van, they had no windows and had no idea where they were being taken.
The back door opened and sunlight flooded the dark interior. The guards ushered their prisoners forward with a wave of the hand. They each jumped out one by one and were led through the front gate of the palace. Stopping in front of the porch, they looked to the top of the small flight of steps where the sun elf princess and her parents stood.
Momotaru swallowed the lump in his suddenly dry throat as he laid eyes on the maternal half of his lineage.