Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Power Array Saga - Season Two - Part VII

Part VII – Consequences of Action

“The general public doesn’t know this yet but we think the murder of Corporeal Maxin and Sergeant Gunop are related to the Mage Monolith Massacre,” said Sergeant Hoplow. His pointy sun elven ears slightly drooped and the white hair of his goatee swayed whenever he spoke. He stood in a morgue surrounded by police officers that had known, worked with, and even been saved in combat by, the two deceased officers.
“The wounds at both crime scenes match up,” Sergeant Hoplow whispered to the major. The sergeant had ebon skin, hazel eyes, and close-cropped white hair which was balding slightly on the top of his head. He wore dark blue trousers and a button-up shirt with a black tie. His badge was pinned to his chest, just above the shirt pocket. Underneath the shirt he wore a bullet-proof, carbon-composite-aramid vest. Sown onto his shirt’s short sleeve were three golden stripes.
               “Do we know who’s responsible?” asked Major Rufap. “Whoever it is must have had help. There’s no way one man could’ve taken down so many elite magic users.” Major Rufap had thick, plush pink lips on her dark chocolate complexioned face and dark green eyes. She wore her pinkish beige hair short, it barely reaching her neck. On her shoulder, a golden lotus leaf badge was sewn into her dark blue shirt.
               “So far, according to the forensic team, they think the perpetrator is one man with a sword,” replied Sergeant Hoplow.
               The other police officers in the room whispered amongst themselves in disbelief. Their acute elven hearing was able to pick up every word their comrades spoke. Several individuals started betting on how many perpetrators could have overtook two of the best trained officers on the force along with some of the most powerful magicians residing in the Mage Monolith.
               “You know I can’t believe that Serg,” said Major Rufap with a shake of her head. “Not until I see it. There’s no way one person could’ve done all this, especially with just a sword, that’s impossible.”
               “Nothing’s impossible,” said Commissioner Steelskin entering the morgue. The tall sun elf had rippling muscles and walked with his back straight, chest puffed out; a commanding presence in any room. The commissioner wore a black beret with the golden lotus sown in the front. Circling around the golden lotus was a matching golden wreath. He had unblinking, steely black eyes and a thick gray beard and mustache, thin lips and a pointed, hooked nose that resembled a bird’s beak. He wore a black suit and tie with a white shirt underneath. On the suit jacket above each breast were splatterings of pins and medals along with a row of medals running from neck to shoulder.
The other elves in the room stepped aside to clear a path.
Stopping in front of the two gray metallic slabs, Commissioner Steelskin briefly peered under the thick, white blanket that covered his subordinate’s faces. After replacing the white sheet, he took a deep breath and turned around to stare at almost his entire police precinct that had come to pay their respects to their fallen comrades.
“Men, we may have a serial killer in our capital city of Aver,” said Commissioner Steelskin. “I’ve stood as a protector for the citizens of the United Elven Kingdom for nearly my entire adult life. I will not let these murders go unanswered. We’ll devote every ounce of energy and elf power that we have into discovering who did this. Now let’s get started on putting this bastard behind bars. I want boots on the ground talking to people, reviewing surveillance cameras, and checking every flight, train and rental car purchase made within the last week.”
“But sir, that could take… weeks, if not months,” said Sergeant Hoplow.
“Well then, since you were the first to complain, that’ll be your assignment. So I suggest you get started,” responded Commissioner Steelskin. “Major Rufap, since he’s under your command, you’ll be reporting directly to me. I expect a full report on my desk first thing in the morning on what progress you’ve made in locating our killer.”
“Sir, yes sir,” said Major Rufap through clenched teeth with a stiff salute as she eyed Sergeant Hoplow.
The commissioner stormed from the room, hard-souled boots clicking on the white tiled floor.
Once the commissioner was gone, Major Rufap repeatedly punched Sergeant Hoplow in the shoulder.
“Ouch, stop it,” complained Sergeant Hoplow as he ran to the other side of the room.
“You just had to say something didn’t you,” said Major Rufap.
“If I would’ve known he was going to say that then I would have kept my mouth shut,” Sergeant Hoplow responded.
“From now on just keep your mouth shut permanently,” said Major Rufap. “You’re not to speak unless spoken to. Now get outta here and get to work. Also, see if you can get a couple of your fellow officers to help you out. Whoever did this must have left behind some type of clue. I want a team to go and inspect the Mage Monolith again and check it with a fine-tooth comb. Another team will go to Jump Street and talk to any witnesses that might have seen what happened that day. Whoever did this, we’re gonna catch that bastard. We have the eyes of the entire civilian population of the UEK watching us and waiting for answers. The last thing we need is for sun elves to start panicking because they think their streets are unsafe. I’m going to go find out what type of martial arts styles could possibly be skilled enough to kill people this effectively.”
“Ummm, mam, sir,” said Sergeant Hoplow tentatively.
“I thought I told you not to speak until spoken to Hoplow,” said Major Rufap angrily.
“But I know the answer to your question,” replied Sergeant Hoplow.
Major Rufap stared at the elf with a skeptical eyebrow raised.
“The most deadly martial arts style on planet Threa is the rietsu,” said Sergeant Hoplow. “But there’s only one man that knew how to perform it.”
“Well get on it damnit,” Major Rufap said. “Where is he? Who is he?”
“He’s dead major,” said Sergeant Hoplow.
“Well thanks for nothing but wasting my time,” said Major Rufap.
“But, he taught only two students,” said Sergeant Hoplow. “One is a criminal known as the Butterfly Samurai and no one knows of her whereabouts.”
“And the other?” asked Major Rufap.
“Rumor has it,” said Sergeant Hoplow, “that the other person is the son of the human chancellor and the illegitimate son of the elven princess. They say that his name is Momotaru.”