Monday, March 26, 2012

Discover the Ura

Name: Ura [Uh-Rah]

Description: When the evil one’s power was strong enough to touch the world, he left behind a remnant of himself, which eventually evolved into the Ura. The height of the wretched demons can range from five feet to eight feet (which is very rare). The (for lack of a better term call it ‘race’ of) dark, evil creatures’ tale is passed down through children stories, legends, and mythology. The twisted beings were created by the evil one at the dawn of time. Over several millennia, before humans and before even elves walked Threa’s blue and green surface, these demons existed.

In order to survive they drink the blood of humans. They have no weakness to sunlight and can see ten times better than a human during the day and twenty times better than humans at night which is their preferred time to hunt. Some obtain the ability to grow a tail. The longer an Ura lives the longer and more grotesque their horns grow which is seen as a status of power in the Ura community. They can communicate through telepathy as well as through various humanoid spoken languages. Their skin can be hard as diamonds and one of the only ways to kill them is…,

                {The remainder of the text is lost to severe fire damage.}

~ Torn from the pages of the Great Demonology Tomb
    Written by Arif Zahur

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