Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

By Andre Alan

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach with close friends and loved ones. Standing on the lip of the shore, waves cascading against your feet and retreating. Your mother makes a joke barely on the edge of hearing and your father laughs aloud. You notice your sisters playing in the water and a smile comes across your face despite trying to hide it. You walk over to the towel laying in the warm sand and lay down under the bright mid day sun. The rays of sunshine beaming down upon you like a thousand light bulbs gently pressed against your skin. You close your eyes and revel in this moment of complete and utter happiness. You are at peace.

A wind gently blows across your exposed belly and you sit up. Looking left then right, slowly scanning the area, no one is around; getting up slowly you walk along the beach. The moon is high in the night sky shining bright, sparkling like a million fireflies above a lake. You notice a light tower, and a beam shines in front of you and slowly moves on its predetermined coarse, clockwise then out to see. Walking towards the light house as if the tower was your beckon, your sanctuary; the same way the light guides boats to shore it guides you to a palace where you are the light that everyone turns to when they are lost. Walking slowly, the feeling of soft grains of sands gently caressing your bare feet, sliding between your toes with every step.

Inside the tower it is utterly dark with only the light at the top. Climbing the stairs slowly you here music playing a soft tune in the background, a welcoming sound harmonizing with the waves colliding far out to sea. As you reach the top, candles lit the room in a dim glow leading you along rose petals. As feet and flower petal unite, relaxation overwhelms you in waves shooting vibrations through your spine. The petals disappear behind you but the soft bed in the shape of a heart calls out to you. Lying upon the bed covered in red rose petals. Gently you collide with the mattress, it sinks in under your weight and petals go up all around in a wisp of steam. It holds you close and the tendrils of smoke that permeate the room slowly caress every crevice or your body. You loosen the knot of muscles in your back that you were not aware of and visibly relax. The mist that surrounds you releases moisture and your body glistens in the moonlight. A sparkling sheen covers your naked figure glowing as if you were born of light; a compassionate touch along the small of your back, a kiss from a love long lost brings a shiver of delight.

Open your eyes.
For I am here. Whenever you are feeling lonely.
Open your eyes
Whenever you are sad.
Open your eyes
Whenever you are felling unloved.
Open your eyes

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