Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Effects of War

In light of the revelations that the Syrian government has allegedly used chemical weapons on its own people, I feel as though I must speak to this issue of war and Weapons of Mass Destruction. The reason why I feel as though I should speak to this subject is the fact that in my novel Heaven’s Fate, the humans came under attack by the Orcs. The Orcs rush the human’s eastern shoreline and fight their way inland before finally being repelled. I think the reason why this issue is worth talking about is because in real life and in the stories that we read, too often the civilian side of war is left untold.
The chaos, destruction and desolation brought by war effects the civilian populace just as much, if not more than the military and government sections of society. With the invent of WMD’s, the world has become smaller and more dangerous. When even terrorist organizations can acquire weapons that cause casualties on an untold scale, these weapons need to be monitored and protected closely by concerned parties that have the capability to protect those weapons.
Civilians are the backbone that keeps the rest of society moving forward. If civilians are treated as no more than collateral damage then we will never break this cycle of unending wars. The reason I say this is because of a new generation of children growing up surrounded by war. Who is to say that those children will not grow into adults who are bitter at having their childhood stolen and want revenge? They may want revenge on those groups of people that they feel did not help them in their time of need. They may want revenge on the elite rulers, the government and politicians that should have the peoples best interest in mind yet have treated them as if they were cattle. Growing up in a refugee camp is no way for a child to live. It has been proven in studies before that for a child to fully develop into productive adults, they need two parents and a stable, loving environment. I have never been to a refugee camp but I am almost certain that these temporary hovels and tents do not provide the protection and state of mind that is conducive to positive thinking and growth.
If what can be said about Syria using chemical weapons on its own people is true then it is beyond unthinkable and reprehensible beyond belief. These actions should be condemned by global leaders. However, in order to initiate change we must do as Michael Jackson said and look at the man in the mirror. Each of us has probably asked the question, what can I do, I am only one person. Sometimes, one person is all there needs to be in order to effect great change.
I do not advocate violence, however, I will not sit here and act like I am some goody-too-shoes. In my younger years, and even to this day, I am infatuated with martial arts. I have practiced Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. I have undergone weapons training for semi-automatic pistols and hand to hand weapons combat. I am glad that I have this training in my arsenal but at this age I feel as though there should always be another option besides fighting. But with that being said I feel as though everyone has the right to defend themselves if they come under attack.
Let us stop the never ending attacks, the never ending wars, the never ending cycle of creating a generation of war torn, disassociated youth that never had a chance at a real childhood. The only way to stop violence is peace, not more violence. Elevate your mind and transcend the talking points of politicians that seek to divide us. Instead, let each and every single civilian bring to light and exemplify the similarities that each and every human being possesses in order to bring us together.

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