Monday, December 6, 2010

Shoot for the Stars

Its seems as if traveling is a natural part of the holidays. As I travel across the back roads and through the small country towns of the south, I look up at the clear, night sky with stars shinning brightly.

Seeing the large expanse and the last un-manned frontier makes you wonder. Whether you believe in a divine spirit or a theory of evolution, one cannot help but wonder about the secrets of the universe and realize that humans are but tiny and insignificant organisms with lifespans of a second compared to the cosmic wheel of time. One cannot help but wonder what is out there, especially if you have read 2001 Space Odessy by Arthur C. Clarke.

I also remember hearing that they are more stars than deceased humans on the planet earth. Humans are fragile creatures. Even though all of us cannot reach the height of an actor in life I hope that we can reach the stars in death.

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