Monday, December 20, 2010

New Series

The oh-so-cool looking bad ass to the left is a character that has been trapped inside my brain for almost ten years. Which is a long and strenuous time for anyone or anything to be around me without going insane. But if I do say so myself, Snow, the hero with magical abilities, advanced hand to hand combat and weapons training is alive and well. Soon to be kicking bad guy arse in 'Heaven's Fate' the graphic novel.

The story picks up with Snow searching for his fathers killer. I won't give away too much but let's just say I am thinking of turning this into an epic. I'm talking DBZ long, Naruto long; that's how much goes one during this story. It's been ten years in the making and I've been waiting to do this one for a while.

And if you think the protagonist is cool wait until I unveil the antagonist. I think he is my favorite character in this story.

Not to mention, there are three females that do their fair share of butt kicking and backstabbing, literally. So if you like action, adventure, fantasy and mystery stay tuned.

The Fate of the Heavens is in control of mortal men.

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  1. Did u draw this character yourself? And what made u change the main characters name? Is Heavens Fate still gonna b the name of the novel?