Friday, July 1, 2016

The Power Array Saga - Season Two - Part XIII

Part XIII – Momma’s Boy

“I told you that we should have aborted this one as a fetus,” said the sun elf king, Telemachus Avery the third; the king of the sun elves was tall and thin with fierce purple eyes.  
                “Father please!” shouted Princess Clairal. “He’s still my son no matter what you may think of his father.” She stepped forward, walking leisurely towards her only child and next in line to inherit the sun elf throne.
                Momotaru averted his eyes, head hanging down as Princess Clairal stood in front of him. His mother reached out a gentle hand, cupping his chin within her delicate caramel fingers. She raised his head, chin facing skyward. She looked up into his eyes with a smile on her face.
                “Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are my son,” said Princess Clairal. “Your grandfather has been on Threa for a very long time and has become stuck in his old way of thinking but the world is changing and with royal blood coursing through your veins, you’ll be the herald of what’s to come. This may be the last time that I ever lay my eyes on you again while you still breathe. Although you will live much longer than normal humans, you will still not live as long as me.”
                “W-what are you saying?” asked Momotaru with a furrowed brow. His dark eyes connected with the dark green orbs of his mother.
                “Enough of this nonsense,” interrupted King Avery. “What my daughter is saying is that this half bred bastard will no longer be allowed to step foot in my city or anywhere near the United Elven Kingdom.”
                “H-how is that possible?” asked Momotaru. “I am an elf!”
                “Not any longer half breed,” said the sun elf king. “The ruling council has decided to expel you from our beautiful lands for the rest of your natural existence. For the remaining hundred or so years of your worthless life, you will spend that time away from true elves.”
                “M-mother,” said Momotaru with eyes wide and a glistening of water welling upwards. “This can’t be.”
                “I’m sorry my son,” said Princess Clairal. She reached out to gingerly rub her sons strong, broad shoulders.
                “I d-don’t understand,” said Momotaru. “How could you do something like this grandfather?”
                “Don’t you dare call me that,” said King Avery. “I have no grandchildren.” The sun elf king folded his arms across his chest and turned his back. He strode up the steps of the palatial mansion. “Come, my queen… daughter, your goodbyes are finished.”
                In a sudden defiant gesture, the sun elf queen, Visala Avery strode down the steps to stand in front of her grandson. “There was nothing to be done about it my boy,” said Queen Avery. “Me and your mother did everything in our power to lessen the severity of your punishment. My husband’s advisors would see you beheaded but thanks to your mother, you and your companions are only exiled.” The queen reached a hand out to gently brush Momotaru’s cheek. “Take care of yourself, my boy and may the sun god watch over you on your journey through life and remember that we sun elves receive our power from the sun so anytime it shines down on you, know that your ancestors are watching over you and protecting you.” With regret filled eyes she turned and marched up the steps to stand beside her husband.
                “Clairal!” shouted the sun elf king. “Come along.”
                The sun elf princess turned her head sharply to glare at her father. She turned back to regard her son and the anger in her eyes melted away as tears formed in the corner of her eyes. She embraced her son in a tight hug.
                What they did not see was the discreet nod that the sun elf king gave the police officers standing not too far off. Major Rufap and Sergeant Hoplow forcefully and callously separated the mother and son pair as if he were being ripped from her womb for a second time.
                “This isn’t the outcome that I would have liked but it will do,” said Sergeant Hoplow wearing a menacing grin.
                Once Momotaru was restrained with magical handcuffs securing his hands behind his back, the two officers proceeded to secure Arif Zahur and Iris Longwing.
                As Sergeant Hoplow secured the hands of Zahur with her purple, disheveled hair hanging over her face and her head hanging low in defeat, Major Rufap approached the Butterfly Samurai with a wry grin.
                “Come on, Iris, you too,” said Major Rufap.
                “This was never a part of the deal that we made,” said Iris.
                “Well, just to be clear,” said Major Rufap. “You were never included in the deal that banished the princesses’ son. You’re wanted for the murder of the private investigator where we caught you red handed ransacking his home; there was no way that you were going to get out of this charge even if you did help us to track down Momotaru.”
                “What!” shouted Iris in shock.
                The two officers laughed aloud. When Major Rufap approached casually, she was caught off guard when the Butterfly Samurai dropped a smoke bomb that obscured her location in a dense cloud of smoke. Major Rufap ran forward, hands swinging through the cloud of thick smoke with her las-gun out. When the smoke cleared, Iris Longwing had vanished.

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