Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Review - STEELHEART By Brandon Sanderson

If I had to sum up this book in one word, it would be: gripping. However, that one word would not do this novel justice. From the moment I started reading I was hooked and could not put the book down.
In the prologue, when we first meet David, he is a scared little boy that loves his father. Through that love, and after watching his sole guardian and protector murdered in front of him, David is transformed into a soldier with a singular purpose. When we see David again, in chapter one, he is eighteen and he is a man on a mission; a mission that was shaped by his experience on that day in the bank when a man with super powers killed his father and took control of the city, calling it New-Cago.
The action picks up quickly in this novel and never pauses to let you catch your breath. Soon we are introduced to the beauty in a red dress, Megan who is hiding a deep secret that could shatter David’s reality. At the moment, she is even more of a badass than he is. Proficient in weapons, combat, and brave to boot, not to mention that she is the newest member of the Reckoners, a team that David hopes to join; a team that makes it their business to kill men with super powers – called Epics. She is a dream come true for David.
After taking down their first Epic together, David meets the rest of the team and proves that his value to the team is worth his weight in gold, or, rather the information that he has obtained throughout his life is worth his weight in gold. Perhaps the information he has gathered in his notebooks is priceless when you were in the business that the Reckoners were in, the business of killing Epics, and business was good.
Corny and cliché as it was I could not help myself, this book is a one of a kind and puts an interesting twist on what it would be like if regular people one day obtained god-like super powers. Brandon Sanderson does not disappoint as he builds this action packed thriller to its climax: defeating Steelheart.

Review written by: Andre Alan

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