Saturday, November 6, 2010

Writing Sci Fi

Why is that when I actually have the time to write and sit down to do so I find any excuse not to write? Whether it's twitter, facebook or going off on an irrelevant tangent of research that has nothing to do with the story I'm working on. It's almost to the point where I need to take my laptop off into the woods somewhere with no wifi and disconnect in order to get something done. But then I need to come back to the world, re-connect and start promoting myself through these various mediums that are causing so much distraction.

What will happen in the future when there are interactive 3D environments imprinted on our contact lenses and sun glasses; computer chips installed in our brains so no matter where we go, we are connected to wifi? Will the human race eventually assimilate with our technology to the point where we all have a shared consciousness? Taking youtube, facebook and twitter to the next level.

At this point in time I would like to send a shout out to Alastair Reynolds since I am reading his science fiction novel Redemption Ark which touches on some of these subjects.

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