Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Power Array Saga - Season Two - Part IX

Part IX – Meeting Eye to Eye

“I had no idea anyone could do something like that to another person,” said Major Rufap.
“Luckily, she doesn’t know how many are in on this investigation,” Sergeant Hoplow. “Or else she would run. I think we need to find her before she finds us and then go in with las-guns on rapid fire.”
“I agree,” said Major Rufap. “But first we have to find her.”
“Another reason why I called you,” said Sergeant Hoplow, “is so that you could travel to the private investigators’ office with me so we can search it and see what info we can find.”
“Well then why didn’t you start with that,” said Major Rufap.
Sergeant Hoplow wore a sheepish smile as he rose from his desk. Stepping over to the small weapons locker in his office, he put on an arsenal that would fit a tank. He strapped on a bullet-proof vest and tossed one to his major. Retrieving several different las-gun handles, he strapped two to his waist, two he placed into the brown leather holsters dangling underneath his shoulders, and on his ankle he placed a miniature las-gun handle. 

If I didn’t know any better,” said Major Rufap wearing a wide grin, “I’d say you look a little nervous.”
“There’s nothing wrong with being prepared,” said Sergeant Hoplow. “This… lady just slaughtered a good friend of mine and turned him into…”
“It’s okay,” interrupted Major Rufap. “I understand. Remember we need to try and capture this woman alive. She may have information on who the culprit is that attacked the Mage Monolith.”
“Understood major,” said Sergeant Hoplow. He wore a grim expression as he looked out of his office window.
The sun was rising above the dwarven mountains to the east. The sergeant steeled his resolve and spun away from the window to face his comrade. With a nod they both exited the office and entered the basement of the precinct where the hover crafts were stored. After entering a four door hovercraft they drove through the rarely used tunnels that made up the interior of the floating cities internal base. Access was restricted and the elven civilians were mostly unaware that the tunnels even existed. After traveling a few kilometers they exited through an elevator that extended out of the bottom of the elven floating city. The two police officers zoomed out of the elevator and soared above the heads of the under-city residents just as the UV lights were beginning to shine. In only a matter of minutes, the pair had reached the apartment of the private investigator.
Sergeant Hoplow punched in the password on his friend’s touchpad lock and the door swung open. As they stepped inside the apartment, to their surprise, their eyes swept across the apartment’s tiny living room and met with those of the person that they were seeking, the Butterfly Samurai. She stood frozen where she had been rifling through the papers on the desk in the corner.
Letting out a growl, Sergeant Hoplow drew his las-gun. He fired off a few laser blasts.
Isis instantly drew her sword and, with a twirl, blocked the laser bolts flying in her direction. “Wait!” she shouted while holding a hand out. “Don’t shoot.”
“You’re a wicked monster that needs to be put down,” said Sergeant Hoplow through gritted teeth.
Before he could fire off another round of laser fire, his major placed a calming hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t shoot,” said Major Rufap. “Let’s see what she has to say for herself. Maybe she’ll turn herself over to us so this encounter doesn’t have to get messy.”
“Fat chance that I’ll let you cops take me alive,” said Iris.
“That can be arranged,” said Sergeant Hoplow growling through clenched teeth.
“What’re you doing here?” asked Major Rufap. “And how did you find this place?”
“My Acro Eyes can do wonderful things,” said Iris with a small smile. She reached toward the glasses that she wore but before she could remove them she froze in place as Sergeant Hoplow locked onto her with his las-guns, ready to shoot at the slightest movement. Major Rufap also went for her las-gun and in a matter of seconds the weapon was out of the holster but not pointed at the woman. Iris slowly lowered her hand as she shrugged her shoulders.
“Leave those glasses on,” said Major Rufap. “I’ve read reports from people that have survived meeting you. They’ve said that as long as she keeps those glasses on, you still have a chance to walk away alive but once they come off…”
Iris let out a little giggle. “Seems like you’ve done your homework,” she said. “And here I am all unprepared.”
“Why did you do that to my friend?” asked the sergeant.
“Oh, he was your friend now was he,” said Iris with a widening smile. “Well then why did you send him after me to terrorize my roommate?”
“Look,” said the major interrupting. “I can’t speak for who my subordinates hire and for those that work outside of the law but with me in charge I can guarantee that from this point forward, if you work with us, we’ll make sure you and those you love aren’t injured.”
“What!” shouted Sergeant Hoplow. “You can’t be serious!”
“Why would I work alongside you?” asked Iris. “And why would I even trust you?”
“Because we both have the same goal in mind,” said Major Rufap. “We want to find who’s responsible for the Mage Monolith Massacre.”
Iris let out a giggle. “So you don’t know who’s responsible, do you?” she teased. “You don’t even have a name yet do you?” She let out raucous laughter, throwing her head back and slapping her thigh. “It looks like you need me more than you know.”
“Don’t get it twisted you wicked little woman,” said Sergeant Hoplow. “You’ll pay for the murders of those two private investigators.”
“You mean those two ruthless bounty hunters,” said Iris with a furrowed brow. The Acro Eyes flared underneath the dark shades that she wore and red smoke rose from her eyes to drift out of the open window that she had used to enter the apartment.
The two sun elves watched in disbelief.
“Look,” said Major Rufap shaking herself back to reality. “We can get you a deal if you promise to give us the information we want… we’ll be able to work out something, I’m sure of it.”
“I’ll tell you one thing right now… as a show of good faith,” said Iris. “After I say this, you’ll understand that I should be the least of your worries. When you see me again, you still won’t be able to shoot me. Because when I tell my friend Momotaru that two sun elf police are looking for him… not only will he come to find answers he’ll find you two. You’ll be lucky if you can dig yourselves out of a mountain of paperwork that will last a career. So expect a call from the human chancellor and your very own sun elf princess.”
The two sun elf police officers looked at each other with eyes wide. When they turned back, they caught a glimpse of Iris’ rear as she slipped out the open window.